About Me

Hi there, I am Warren. I am a professional full time wedding & portrait photographer currently based in Pretoria, South Africa.

I am not your typical, traditional wedding photographer, or at least I do not see myself that way. The best way I can describe my style of wedding photography is "photo-journalistic, natural, candid, fly on the wall" you know... Not those types of photos that are fake, posed or look naturally awkward or a little "weird".

I have been a full time wedding photographer since 2016 when I quit my job to join this crazy but exciting industry, traveling all over the country, wherever my clients require me and my cameras.

2011 -

I got my first DSLR camera for my 21st birthday. I never anticipated I would be taking photos as my only source of income a couple years later but everything I did from 2011-2015 laid the foundation of camera knowledge and experience to get to where I was in 2016. I had a full time job in Kempton Park at an import/export company and photographing live music events on weekends for fun and as a hobby. By chance, one of the directors at the company heard I do part time photography and asked if I would be interested in photographing her wedding day. I had camera knowledge and how to achieve pretty decent results but I had no idea how to run a wedding day as a wedding photographer. Cautiously I agreed, but little did I know, that would be the day that everything changed.

That wedding taught me so much. I learnt how long and fast paced a wedding day is, not for guests or the couple but for the service providers. You always need to ready for anything. Things happen really fast and to someone who is not in this industry, it can be very overwhelming. It truly was the best experience and I had such a good day being involved in everything.

That Monday after the wedding, I handed in my resignation letter and made the decision I would give it a bash as a full time wedding photographer. In the months that followed, I managed to be mentored while assisting and carrying bags and light stands for another wedding photographer and basically "stealing with my eyes". This guy taught me so much about wedding photography and how to help clients plan their day so that they get the best results on the day. He also taught me how to anticipate certain events on a wedding day and be ready to get the shot. That guy is Ett Venter. I owe him so much for how he helped me.

Since 2016, I have had many more ups than downs but thats normal. 2020/2021 were really rough for us wedding service providers when things were always up in the air and sometimes we could work and then sometimes we could not. 2022 started off really well and I feel like everyone is really trying hard to put the past 2 years behind us for good and move on and get back to doing what we love and enjoy which is being part of your special day, no matter how big or small you want it to be.

Other Than Work

Away from weddings and portraits, I love travelling and seeing new places. I was very fortunate to be able to visit Iceland in 2018 with friends. We went around Autumn and yes, I was lucky enough to see the northern lights. I would love to go back again and see it all again. The fact that you could drive in the northern parts of Iceland and not see another car for about 30 minutes was amazing. It is just such a quiet and peaceful place to be in nature surrounded by glaciers and massive mountains and hundreds of waterfalls. If you ever have the chance you have to go!!! Trust me!

I am also a huge animal lover, I try do a fundraiser every year just before winter to raise money for animal shelters to buy blankets and food. I feel like I am a real South African, because there is nothing better than a braai with friends and a little golden nectar to keep you hydrated. I still enjoy going to live music concerts with friends when I have availability, I actually used to take photos at the now gone (RIP) Arcade Empire and then at Park Acoustics, which is always a good excuse for a Sunday funday. Just being outside or around my people is good for the soul.

Something different to wedding & portrait photography is my love of watching & photographing surfing. Unfortunately up in Gauteng that is not really an option, although if you know where to look you will find some wind surfers but not the type I am looking for ;-). I try go down to JBay for the annual Corona Open Jbay in July and photograph the surfers. Its a really chilled event, no entrance fees, just a bunch of surf fans chilling on the beach in the middle of winter with hoodies and beanies watching the surfers battle it out.

This might not seem like a huge surprise but Cape Town is my favourite city in SA and whenever I get the chance to go down for work, I always try stay a little longer and make a holiday out of it. I also love doing Landscape/Seascape photos. This is something I am also looking to grow into and better my skills. As a photographer or "creative", there is just so much on offer in the cape area to keep me inspired and busy. I would like to call Cape Town home in the next year or 2, i'm not sure when but I will make the move when the time is right.

So that is basically me in a nutshell, I hope that gives you a little insight into me as a person and my journey thus far as a photographer. Photography is part of my DNA, a camera is never far away even if its just the phone in my pocket.