You got the question's, I got the answers!

The Beginning Of Forever...

The Beginning Of Forever...


We love your work, how do we book you?

Quickest and easiest way would be to email me with your date and venue with all the details. If i am available, I would strongly suggest we set up a meeting and get to know each other a little better.

Do we really have to have a meeting?

Honestly, yes! I want to get to know you both. By the time your wedding arrives, I want to feel like im part of your crowd and you part of mine. We are going to be together basically the whole day so it is important everyone feels comfortable together especially with a camera around.

How do payments work?

Once we have met and you let me know which package you would like, I will send you an invoice and my contract. I require 25% payment upfront and the balance a week before your wedding.

How long does it usually take to get our photos?

3-4 weeks :-). I have heard shocking stories about photographers taking 6 months or longer to hand over images. That is just unacceptable. Check my testimonials and references if you would like to see other clients experiences :-).

Can we add extra time to our package on our wedding day if we need?

Definitely. I charge R2500 for an extra hour or R1250 for 30 minutes extra. You also dont need to worry about the money on the spot. Once I leave, go on honeymoon, enjoy it and when you back I will pop you an invoice for the overtime when your photos are ready.

Do you travel?

100% yes. I will go wherever you require me. Both my packages have 100km travel included, thereafter it is R4 p/km.

For coastal weddings, flights, accommodation and car rental will need to be included in the total.

Do you do Videography?

Personally, No! But my brother (Jason Carroll) does. You can find his details on my Wedding Vendors page with a link to his work. You can contact him from there if you would like :-).

Where are you based?

I currently stay in Pretoria East, close to Menlyn Shopping mall.

Do you do any other type of photography?

Yes, apart from wedding's, I do portraiture, corporate, sometimes some real estate, maternity, family shoots.

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

No, I only bring along my assistant who will generally carry my bags, hold my light stand during couple's sessions if need be and possibly photograph when not needed by me for their own portfolio. I have never used a 2nd shooter, I am very confident in my ability to capture all the photos on a wedding day without failure.

Do we need to include you in our meal numbers?

Yes please. By the time dinner arrives, I am also really hungry and would appreciate to eat the same meal and time as your guests.

Do you require a table?

Yes please. I really do not like how some wedding venues do not cater a space for me or us ( photographer & videographer ) to put our gear on during meal times. Im not interested in leaving my gear on the floor or packing it away in my bag. My cameras need to be close and ready at a moments notice for anything. I also do not like being placed outside the wedding reception especially during the winter months. Trust me it has happened and it is not fun trying to eat in the cold with no light to see what you eating. I would love to sit with your guests and get to know them or have a service providers table but as long as it is in the reception area I am happy.

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