The Full day Wedding Experience

These packages have been tailored over the past 6 years to find the sweet spot I have found for a normal full wedding day. As a client you can 100% complete all the activities you would like on a 8 hour package, which normally includes decor, venue, groom prep, bride prep, ceremony, canapés, family photos, bridal party photos, bride & groom session and reception including first dance, speeches, garter, bouquet & some open dance floor party photos.

The 10 hour is basically the same with more flexibility to allocate extra time on the events on your wedding day that mean the most. You can add an extra 30 minutes onto bridal prep, or how about an extra 30 minutes of party photos, maybe you would like to have an extra 30 minutes of chilling with your guests during canapés before starting the with family, bridal party and bride & groom session. It is totally up to you how to allocate the time on your day. I am here to help you with all the experience I can tell you when you might need more or less time on certain events on your day so that you get the best results.

Please note that a 25% non refundable payment upfront is required with my signed contract to secure your date.

Package 1

- 8 Hours coverage

- 400 Edited images minimum

- Digital download gallery

- 5 Preview images within 7 days

- 100km Round trip travel

R19 000

Package 2

- 10 Hours coverage

- 500 Edited images minimum

- Digital download gallery

- 10 Preview images within 7 days 

- 100km Round trip travel

R24 000

Extra Info To Consider


There are a few extra items which can be added onto either package above if you wish.

  • Wedding album. 27x20 (A4) leather wedding album with 50 pages - R2500
  • Wedding album. 27x20 (A4) leather wedding album with 60 pages - R2800


Although each package has 100km travel included, sometimes venues are a little further away from home. If this is the case I will need to add extra travel costs onto the package which is billed at R4 p/km after 100km.

If your wedding venue is more than 200km 1 way from Pretoria, please could you be so kind to add a little extra onto your budget for a room for myself and my assistant at a nearby B&B for 1 night. The main reason is for safety and not drive late at night after a long busy day. The other concern is the safety of traveling at night with your precious photos on my memory cards. We all unfortunately know the stories or personally know of someone who been hijacked or been stopped in the middle of nowhere late at night and being robbed. I would hate for that to happen to me and have your wedding photos stolen through no fault of either of us.


I genuinely love traveling all around the country for my clients. I have had the pleasure of traveling to do weddings in Western Cape, KZN & Eastern Cape. If you live or plan on getting married at the coast in South Africa, extra budget will need to be quoted for, namely

  • Flights
  • Accommodation for 2 nights ( safer to arrive the day before )
  • Car rental for 2 days


If you are of the type that wants to tie the knot overseas, I have an offer for you.

If you pay for my international flights and accommodation for a couple days, I will capture your story for free with a more suitable customised package.


My average turn around time for delivering my wedding client's their images is 3-4 weeks after the wedding. If you would like your wedding pushed forward in the que for a 1-2 week turnaround, it can be done for a small extra fee of R2500.

Couple Session's

01 / 04

  • 25 edits
  • 60 minutes
  • Digital download
  • R2000

Please note, travel is excluded.


  • 25 edits
  • 60 minutes
  • Digital download
  • R2000

Please note, travel is excluded.

This is only used if 1) you prefer cellphone contact & 2) There is a problem with the email address provided.